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The European Fault-Source Model 2020 (EFSM20) was designed to serve as input to the European Seismic Hazard Model 2020. For these reasons and its intrinsic nature, EFSM20 cannot be guaranteed to be complete, accurate, and updated in any part necessary for its use in different contexts or applications. Although we made every possible effort to supply the best available information, no warranty, expressed or implied, is provided regarding the accuracy and reliability of the data supplied in EFSM20. Users are invited to consider the inherent epistemic uncertainty of such a database in earthquake-related hazard analyses (PSHA, PTHA, PFDHA). We recall that EFSM20 was designed for analyses at the scale of a continent (the Euro-Mediterranean region) and that it is thus necessary to add local and site-specific investigations when using EFSM20 data for studies at more local scales. Users are also cautioned to carefully consider the nature of EFSM20 content before using it for decisions concerning personal or public safety or concerning business involving substantial financial or operational consequences.


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