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Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.

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Synonyms - CC
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Synonyms - Catalogue Service for the Web

Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables.

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Data table

A data table is a collection of related data held in a structured format within a database. It consists of fields (columns) and rows.

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A database is an organized collection of data

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Synonyms - DB

A data set (or dataset) is a collection of data

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DataBase Management System

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Synonyms - DB Management System

Digital Object Identifier

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Flat file

A flat file is a database designed around a single table.

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Synonyms - Geographic Information System

Interoperability is a characteristic of a product or system whose interfaces are completely understood to work with other products or systems at present or future in either implementation or access without any restrictions.

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Data about data

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Open Geospatial Consortium

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Synonyms - Open Geospatial Consortium opengis

Open Researcher and Contributor ID

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